Friday, December 20, 2013


A turn this has taken.  It started by me being inspired some purple and green foliage I saw at the end of an early morning walk.  I thought nature.  Then a few things in life walked  About half way through this, I named it "politics of love."  Feeling the push and pull of love in all walks of life - family, friends, romances.  At the end of it all - we all have to learn how to survive each other - in love.  I wrote up my 'story' on this drawing yesterday, posted it under "politics of love", then about 10 minutes later deleted it...knowing, I hadn't completed my thoughts with this piece.  I went to my bi-weekly acupuncture appt, and of came to me.  This piece was fueled by (A)MUSE.  The amusement of an inspiring person.  One of God's beautiful plants started the inspiration, then one of God's beautiful people added to and guided the inspiration.  In my mind it still plays on the politics of love, in that it changes (sometimes daily) and we have to learn how to navigate and see the beauty of the waters and land that we live in.  Consciously aware of the happenings around us, and involved in those happenings, not avoiding the unknown or undesired.  In all idealistic things, we have the fantasy version, which is wonderful.  Then there is typically the realistic version - that is often rather difficult to take in a remain inspired to participate in.  However, in LOVE, the purest form of love is found at the end of enduring.  The end of painful (but exciting) honesty and conversations and situations.  

The grass always seems greener on the other side of things (hence the green) when in the midst of an uncomfortable situation.  The straight lines here resemble the moments where we stop, catch our bearings, look around at the reality, and dive back into your love investment.  There are bright, light, and interesting times ahead.  Otherwise, the only things in life we receive are temporary.  I could have mixed up the design here, but I wanted to express a consistency that you find in the enduring.  
Enjoy the amusements that come along in life.  Let them inspire you and inspire your life in the most positive of ways.  

11" x 17"    

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Soulfinds - I'm pretty sure I made that word up.  Really all I wanted to do was to create some continuity between one's soul and its spiritual path of finding its home.  I started this drawing far from home in Switzerland by myself with an incredible view of some of God's beautiful globe.  I didn't think anything of it, stuffed it in my suitcase when it was time to move on, only months later to find it while preparing for another trip.  I set it on my art table next to a Chagall post card I bought in Zurich.  The two images (my drawing and the post card) that at one time were strangers became instantly connected and I knew what I wanted to do with the jewel and my pens.  I have spent most Tuesdays of the last two years with a fantastic group of ladies form all walks, doing our best to study the Bible and just see what it all means to us.  It's been an amazing time of redefining and getting to better understand my spirit(uality).  Taking what was taken for granted with it right at my finger tips my entire childhood thru college, I discovered there was a lot I didn't know and understand when it came to me 'managing my spirit' on my own.  Knowledge is a powerful thing, which is what I think I was expressing in this.  Being grounded.  Having faith.  There is power and fluidity that is calming, engaging, and alive when one seeks knowledge.  I appreciate the voice of God in my heart and what it says to me and allows into my life.  

8" x 10" 

Monday, October 7, 2013


I had a couple (who happen to be near and dear friends Lisa and Jeremy) ask me to do this heart /tree combo.  Trees are one of my favorite things to draw, so I jumped at the chance.  This couple is full of energy and passion and they share those things with a large community around them.  This, as you imagine, takes heart. A heart that powers the way we grow, the way we shine, survive, learn, bloom, breath, and give to others.  It can create a pretty powerful life, that is strong and will stand the test of elements.  

It reminds me of the Yggdrisil (look it up) which has a great Viking legend behind tree (the species is debated on) but to sum it up - this tree is pertinent to our existence.  The Heavens above, mankind in the middle, and the earth below us.  It also reminds me of Gov't Mules song, Soulshine - which is where I got the name.  It serendipitously came on my shuffle of music the day I finished this.  

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The over year long effort here has ended.  I have woken up from my Noritake Dream...trying to remember all that happened with in its time.  I started this after a dream I had soon after my Aunt Mary passed away.  She was my Dad's oldest sister (image below, she is the red head on the left of the family pic) and was one of two sisters that virtually raised my Dad.  A sweetheart of a lady, with great taste in home decor and china (dishes), amongst many other wonderful traits she possessed.  Before she passed, she left to me a set of her china and some home decor - all with a Japanese art influence.  The China is "Legacy by Noritake," so after this dream, I got out a small saucer plate and a tea cup...and there you have it.  The four circles you see here.  I segmented these I think to represent phases in life.  Having spent over a year on this piece, I figure there are a couple versions of myself coming out here - but with my Aunt Mary having a consistent presence.    I drew the river to feed the dreams.  I drew the rain to feed the river.  I drew the trees to express a childhood love for a scene from my favorite childhood movie, Anne of Green Gables, where Anne was riding in a carriage with Matthew thru a field of Cherry Blossoms.  And those trees were fed by the river and the rain.  That was my outward intent.  My inward intent?  Who knows.  A friend 'analyzed' this the other night.  It was an amazing moment to hear his interpretation of it.  He saw a push and pull of two people trying to be together but remaining apart, separated by the obvious (river).  With the energies of both people pushing and pulling the other along during their days together.  Still separated by this body of water and empty on the inside.  I have a feeling that comes from where he is in life.  What do I think?  I think I left the 'dreams' empty because they are open for interpretation, so I wanted to leave that space for just that.  The red tones here are an energy that feeds.  Stronger some days than others and always supporting the bloom of each dream.  That is the interpretation today.  I should check back in with myself next year and see what I think!  ha!  What do YOU think or see here?

19" x 24"

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I was passing time one day after work sitting on the porch at Zax in downtown Austin, with an empty page in front of me.  I remember what I was wearing, and strangely enough, I was wearing the same dress that I am wearing today.  It's a dress that has waves crashing all over it.  That coincidence would be like saying you know what you didn't know you knew, in that I didn't know I was drawing what I was knew I was wearing.  Follow me??  Back to the subject at hand.  EVERGREEN!!  The color and some lines were certainly inspired by a Marc Chagall stained glass I sat and stared at for a while in Zurich, Switzerland a couple of months ago.  There were sections of a certain wall where each panel window featured a color.  Green.  Blue.  Golden.  Red.  Sucked me right in and gave me a direction.  I was listening to some bumpin' and relaxing tunes by classical artist with a flare - Black Violin.  I'm set now - the music, the color, and an idea which leads way to GO time.  Someone came in and claimed this one pretty early on.  An old, dear friend of mine from childhood.  We used to walk to school together, walk to Wendy's and spend our allowance on the $0.99 menu, sing in choir together, and so on.  It's a blessing to be able to reconnect with someone from my childhood in such a way.  I can't wait to deliver this to her in The Woodlands.  As I was thinking about what to name this, I couldn't help but work my history with Ree Ann into the naming.  We grew up in Huntsville in the Avenues that are filled with huge looming trees that canopied over the blocks creating shelter and wonder for a curious kids eating their Wendy's on the curb or throwing pine cones at their siblings.  The trees were beautiful and EVERGREEN in my mind.  Much like our friendship that is evidently EVERGREEN, time and environment don't cause much change after all.  Our roots bring us back to this moment with an art exchange. Life ebs, flows, swells, with bursts of life and pockets of time that change who we are and where we go.  Collectively, a giving force to those around us.  I hope this is a giving source for Ree's home and her family.  Always there and EVERGREEN.


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Saturday, July 27, 2013


Leaving a little space for a big breeze.  Perhaps summer prompted me to leave a this space here.  Or perhaps it was the need for some air; to let the wind in to power a new possibility.  We are always in a space to grow, to learn, and to feel a little breeze.  Who likes to be all cooped up feeling no breeze - no nothing for that matter.  As much as I may have felt like I needed to fill the space, I decided it time to leave a little breezeway beautifully open and crisp.  The word breezeway makes me think of 1.) Rocking chairs and 2.) Old plantation homes that often had open walk ways left open in the middle of the home - for a purpose, not a pleasure.  For safety and function in order to help the home survive a crisis.  Yes - I just worded the purpose of architecture in a rather silly manner - but I'm really just trying to add a humanistic feature in order to better imagine something here.  So, YES - the obvious option is  southern home architecture.  Hey - I grew up two blocks from Sam Houston's home with this breezeway I speak of.
Back to the matter at hand.  Breeze.  Strong spine, gentle soul, taking in a little breeze time.  Allow yourself some space in your mind to be quiet, to observe and soak in, some things that are lingering in those empty spaces left neglected by the busy-ness we can often put upon ourselves.
Enjoy the moment(s)(s)(s)(s)(s).

11"x7"  Original

Friday, May 24, 2013


"Turn around, put it down and see that this is really the place to be."  Resolution - Matt Corby (song below).
Let's keep this simple.  I made some resolutions this year - I have checked all off and it feels great!  Some chaos (perceived) was involved, but those things are merely internal and part of a process that simply gets easier in time.

Song below, by Matt Corby.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


I had NO idea where this was going when I started it.  I was sitting outside of a dear friend, Rita's, studio on a breezy cool day, in the shade wondering where my pen would take me.  I drew the skeleton of the curve and the interior 'flares' and at first saw a person with a shawl of sorts.  I loved it.  And then I took it completely somewhere else.  And...I still love it!  I will admit I did not like this piece much while I was working on it, but I didn't want to set it aside.  I had a goal to finish a new piece before my show coming up in June, so this had to be it.


With about two square inches of empty paper left, it suddenly ALL made sense.  I knew the name, I saw what it was, and what I was trying to say with these lines.  What a relief after hours of working on something I didn't understand.  I think I even whimpered a little, with a small tear at being able to see what it was.


Leading up to the completion were some fun conversations with friends about oh...the evolution of us as people - how we connect, how we grow, how we learn, how we become better, how we shed our skins of the past making shiny new skin while the inevitable wrinkles of time happen to us.  This involved the relevance of certain animals in our lives.  (Not your favorite pet that we're talking about).  But that animal of strength inside you that keeps popping up with significance when you need it most.  I recently have tried to attune myself to 'my animal'...I haven't gotten further than a Phoenix (which is fantasy) and dead squirrels.  Ha!  Then I was sitting down with my friend Greg and he picked up his mandolin and played a song that sounded much like Eddie Vedder's "Rise."  He played around with the song for a bit and we moved on in conversation.  Nothing significant really.  I finished the piece the next day, and when I told Greg the name, he sent me the lyrics of the song and it was an uncanny parallel to the drawing.  I love it when life just happens like that.  It's moments like that, that make being an active part of your life so amazing.  To be conscious, to be present, to be open, and to RISE up and see all the things around you that make everything happen right in front of you.  YOU play a part in that!!  Putting faith in something that at first glance is amazing, and then it looses it luster - but you stick with it and voila!

BTW:  check out Rita and Greg's work - they played a part in this and have an amazing collection of soul expression themselves!!


14"x 17"

Friday, April 12, 2013


BREATH IN, BREATH OUT.  What is rather amazing about this simple action, is that sometimes you see something on this earth through the eyes that God gave you, and you suddenly feel nothing but that breath on every square inch of your body.  This is that moment, in a dissected visual flash of my mind.  Oxygen (blue) and the blood (purple/red) that oxygen feeds moving in and out of the body.  I was at the Prague Castle earlier this year looking at the stained glass in this ancient vessel of soul and prayer.  Its power seemed magnified in every chip of glass thoughtfully put into place and with out intention magnifying the light into this blessed space flooding into each breath of mine.  With a mass of people streaming around me, I barely noticed their bustle of movements.  All I could feel was the breath in my body being fueled by each refraction of light that my eyes were fortunate enough to see.  Later that night, while thawing out in a warm corner of a pub with a good beer, I sat and sketched a small idea of these lines out.  That was a pretty good day.  Just breathing.  


Thursday, April 4, 2013


This is a matter of the heart.  Or at least that is where its motivation comes from.  In the literal and figurative sense.  A friend of mine called upon me to see if I cold do something for a friend of her preparing to have their fourth child.  Something the Dr's told her would never happen, because of the Mother's heart condition.  But alas and God Bless, her heart had healed and therefore, they were able to bear this fourth child.  My friend shared something with me that she had read, that helped her sum up this said matter of the heart.


Humility and nobility are fully loaded words that, when tapped, have an awesome power in bringing peace and power to your life.  As I've aged, certain songs from my childhood come to have new meaning to them.  As I wrote the first sentence of this paragraph, the song by Jon Michael Montgomery, Life's a Dance, began to play in my mental radio.  The chorus mainly..."Life's a dance you learn as you go, sometimes you lead sometime you follow."  To feel the ultimate blessings in life, to understand the other (or darker) side of that blessing is needed.  They come hand in had.  Sometimes we lead, and others we follow.  Sometimes we feel esteemed by nobel, sometimes we feel brought down and humbled.  I totally see where my friend drew these two things together in regard to her friends 'matter of the heart.'

It took me a bit of time to settle on what I wanted to do with this.  I started this tree on an International flight recently with lots of time and fortunately smooth air, and at one point I had a swing hanging from the tree - which obviously didn't make the final cut.  I couldn't settle on what I wanted to do here...I was thinking about stars but was drawing a tree???  So I sat on it, drew some other things, that in the end felt too forced or intentional.  I came back to the tree.  The tree is like the heart in here.  Its lines somewhat resemble the lines you see in an image of a heart. The straight lines (humility)...FOCUS, SETLLE DOWN, THINK STRAIGHT is what I kept feeling.  But I didn't want it to be so stale.  I had to balance it out, so I threw some 'stars' (nobility) in the middle. Flowing through them both, are the matters of the heart that give FOUR BLESSED CHILDREN and have lived the life that they have as a family.  Their family tree has just grown.  


Monday, March 4, 2013


Day by day.  The H E A R T swells with joy, or it can swell with ache.  You never know.  I tell you, give this girl a little heart ache and I'll get productive with this part of my world.  Each drawing comes from something inside of me, based off an experience and/or feeling. The past few weeks have an interesting ride, getting to discover and face some fears I had not had to before.  Trying to be strong when it hurts, but also letting the tears go.  Being ok with the idea of pain.  Or really, the feeling of pain/fear and believing I'll be ok.  My Dad had an out of the blue health hiccup that frightened me (and him) to the core.  The incident was minor, but the implications felt major!  Like I said, hearts swell with joys and aches.  All will be fine in Father land and like he said, he's not knockin' off yet.  :) 

I really just started drawing some lines here, listening to my REPEAT playlist.  I got about three lines into filling the blue in, and it hit me what I wanted this to be.  I didn't have a plan for this when I started it.  Felt more like just some line drawing.  I got about three sections of blue done, and I knew what I was working on and where this was going.  A few sections of blue later, I saw a feather, which to me was not there before.  Feather, tiny weightless little things, but they help one to fly.  Fragile and strong, hence the name.  Blue?  Lots of reasons for blue - which have nothing with blue being related to sadness.  This has nothing to do with sadness.  It comes from the blue in my world that built the ideas behind this.  I could feel the experiences of the past few weeks coming out in the bends and color. A fun moment.  These straight lines are coming into play a lot in my thoughts lately.  Not sure exactly why yet...but I'll roll with it.  Here, I for a moment, saw the body of a string instrument.  A song can strike a lot of chords in your mind and make you feel a lot of things.  It was just something I saw to help create the body for this feather maintain it's strength.   

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7" X 11"   
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Monday, February 18, 2013


11" x 7"  
I had a long wait in Munich for my train to Prague, about 3 hours.  It was cold.  Heat I found stairs and went up!  Fortunately, there was a coffee bar with an empty corner, in which I happily situated myself for a few hours.  Book in one hand, art in the other.  Whichever drew me in the most was what I did.  Drawing took precedence.  Before I began this piece, I was looking at the blank page, then around the room, then back at the blank page; listening to the sounds around me and then my eyes landed on a tree/bush/plant about two feet in front me of.  I normally just do roots and branches, but this time the whole tree spoke. Three trees?  I'm not sure.  But I know in certain 'life things' three is a comforting number.  Beginning, Middle, End.  Father, Son, Holy Ghost.  1, 2, 3 (GO).  Black, white, grey (referring the way we see things in life).  Ready, Aim, Fire.  Shiver me Timbers.  My oh my!  Mano y mano.  You get me.  Could mean something, may not.  Time will tell.  I think about what I was thinking/feeling when I was drawing this.  I was a week into not being around my native language.  Brain hurts!  I hadn't used my words much (aside from work talk, which isn't really creative, it's merely productive).  I prefer creative words.  All this meant there was a not a lot going through my brain.  Just waiting on a train.  I drew the trees, read some of my book; back and forth for a while.  I got the trees down and it was time to go.  Have you ever been to a REAL train station (FYI - I'm from Texas, we don't have real mass transit anything aside from airports and huge car dealerships)?  Anyhow - the stations amaze me, and as much as I hate to say it, it makes me feel like I've traveled back in time.  YES - I know that is backwards to say.  But again, I am from Texas.  (It's like everyone not from Texas thinks I own a horse and wear boots 364 days of the year).  I drew these lines in once I landed in Prague and cozily situated myself into a nice little place from some afternoon soup and beer and break from the 20 degree weather.  I noticed a lot of wires when I first left the train station.  Where do they all go!?  No guess in my mind, that the lines in this came from just my view along the way on the train.  I know I drew the leaves falling off, because that's just what happens.  Weather you like fall time when the leaves fall or not, it's inevitable.  Things change and happen.  It may mean you have to rake the lawn, clean the leaves off your driveway, clean the leaves out of the hood vent of your car.  Or it may excite you because you love the sound of leaves under your feet, the lovely colors that burst into our site.  Or it may mean to you that the old is passing and the opportunity for something new is just around the corner.  Either way, it represents something we all see and then we have a choice in how to look at that.  The leaves were certainly a piece of my heart added here.  Lots of thought behind a fairly simple piece.  But I think my eyes have tricked my soul and there is a little more to it.

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 Lines leaving Munich