Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Having started this a while back, I can question the motivation behind its beginnings, however, revel in picking it up in the space that is currently occupied.  When I look at the core of this drawing, I see something I have seen in countless images of waves crashing and whirling in their intended current paths.  Internally, I feel a moment in myself where I have taken a deep breath, leaned back, and prepared myself that may which come.  A close encounter with countless things intended is so common in life.  Obviously.  
Imagine what you do when water is coming your way.  You take a deep breath, close your mouth, and prepare for...the water, the wave, the dive, the jump, the splash.  You prepare for whatever is coming at you.  I like the idea of leaving the core here open.  Which later to me represented air.  Air with in a moment of preparation, which in finding that air taken, creates a gentleness with in the journey.  Obviously it is easier to feel comfortable under water with your lungs full of air.  It is easier to lift a heavy load off the ground with lungs full of air.  It is easier to sing the high notes and long verses with lungs full of air.  You get the theme here.  
Often, when looking to take on an encounter, simple or not, taking that breath and being AWARE of that breath, simply helps those things happen with beauty, ease, and fluidity.  Take a breath and keep moving.  Take realization of the power of your own strengths in dealing with the rips and waves you encounter.  Take on the beauty of your strength with a simple breath full of YOU.  The freedom you will feel.  The beauty you will find.  Breathe on, think on, be on.  

11" x 17"  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Time Lapse fun


This past WEST Austin Studio Tour, the crew I was showing my work with thought it would be fun if I took a stab at drawing on the wall during the tour.  So I went along with it.  Rookie.  Had fun.  Watch and enjoy.  :) 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


For the life of me, I can't think of where this came from. Hence the name. So it must have been for therapeutic purposes that I put the time in. Lines of straight and lines of curve, dense and less dense, with some bright lines setting it in motion.

11" X 14"  

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Art. Spring. Busy.

It feels as though the holidays just ended - but wait, it is the middle of April.  I'm in Texas, still wearing a jacket on some mornings.  I've enjoyed the long winter, the actual Spring, and just about everything else going on.  The busy season is on, with a show a month in the next three months.  I've got lots to create and looking forward to each line.   Music and poetry are the inspiring these days.  I can't seem to get enough ee cummings in, for I love the lack of conformity structure in his phrases.  Seems to be helpful in my ink-full linear whims.

Last week I had a great time showing my work with 5 other local artists, with great talent.  I met some wonderful people and sold one of my older pieces, MODERN SUN.  Selling something is always sort of strange, to some degree.  It's letting go of whatever it was that inspired the piece, and sending it off to another home in hopes that it will be cared for as you cared for it.  Funny; perhaps.  It was great meeting all of the people that attended and the conversations had.  Liana Mauro hosted the event, a painter herself with great work and a similar process we share, enjoying writing out where each piece came from.  Image of Liana's work below.  

I'm off this coming weekend for a show in my hometown, back in Austin for WEST Studio tour second and third weekends in May, then a show in Midland - date to be determined.

Here's to burning the midnight oil (more like ten o'clock oil if I know myself).  And a little song because I'm jonesing for a two step night. Robert Ellis - Photographs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klHlro2t3Wg

Monday, February 10, 2014


We either hold onto another, or we hold onto ourselves.  This is that moment of acquiescence, of letting go of what can be difficult to let go of.  It can be a simple daily task, or a challenge faced for years on end. In the moment of letting go, one floats from the other and this rush of newness comes in.  Still surrounded by the segmented days and times of our normalcy, in which are able to bend with the moment of giving in.

Learning to let go
Learning to see these things with a new eye
Learning to breath in a new experience with comfort

Acquiescing to your heart or souls request.
I'm still learning.

11" X 14"

Friday, December 20, 2013


A turn this has taken.  It started by me being inspired some purple and green foliage I saw at the end of an early morning walk.  I thought nature.  Then a few things in life walked into...life.  About half way through this, I named it "politics of love."  Feeling the push and pull of love in all walks of life - family, friends, romances.  At the end of it all - we all have to learn how to survive each other - in love.  I wrote up my 'story' on this drawing yesterday, posted it under "politics of love", then about 10 minutes later deleted it...knowing, I hadn't completed my thoughts with this piece.  I went to my bi-weekly acupuncture appt, and of course...it came to me.  This piece was fueled by (A)MUSE.  The amusement of an inspiring person.  One of God's beautiful plants started the inspiration, then one of God's beautiful people added to and guided the inspiration.  In my mind it still plays on the politics of love, in that it changes (sometimes daily) and we have to learn how to navigate and see the beauty of the waters and land that we live in.  Consciously aware of the happenings around us, and involved in those happenings, not avoiding the unknown or undesired.  In all idealistic things, we have the fantasy version, which is wonderful.  Then there is typically the realistic version - that is often rather difficult to take in a remain inspired to participate in.  However, in LOVE, the purest form of love is found at the end of enduring.  The end of painful (but exciting) honesty and conversations and situations.  

The grass always seems greener on the other side of things (hence the green) when in the midst of an uncomfortable situation.  The straight lines here resemble the moments where we stop, catch our bearings, look around at the reality, and dive back into your love investment.  There are bright, light, and interesting times ahead.  Otherwise, the only things in life we receive are temporary.  I could have mixed up the design here, but I wanted to express a consistency that you find in the enduring.  
Enjoy the amusements that come along in life.  Let them inspire you and inspire your life in the most positive of ways.  

11" x 17"    

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Soulfinds - I'm pretty sure I made that word up.  Really all I wanted to do was to create some continuity between one's soul and its spiritual path of finding its home.  I started this drawing far from home in Switzerland by myself with an incredible view of some of God's beautiful globe.  I didn't think anything of it, stuffed it in my suitcase when it was time to move on, only months later to find it while preparing for another trip.  I set it on my art table next to a Chagall post card I bought in Zurich.  The two images (my drawing and the post card) that at one time were strangers became instantly connected and I knew what I wanted to do with the jewel and my pens.  I have spent most Tuesdays of the last two years with a fantastic group of ladies form all walks, doing our best to study the Bible and just see what it all means to us.  It's been an amazing time of redefining and getting to better understand my spirit(uality).  Taking what was taken for granted with it right at my finger tips my entire childhood thru college, I discovered there was a lot I didn't know and understand when it came to me 'managing my spirit' on my own.  Knowledge is a powerful thing, which is what I think I was expressing in this.  Being grounded.  Having faith.  There is power and fluidity that is calming, engaging, and alive when one seeks knowledge.  I appreciate the voice of God in my heart and what it says to me and allows into my life.  

8" x 10"