Monday, June 15, 2015


What happens in a long day?  Probably a little different answer there considering the audience variation.  But - I would imagine that there are many layers to a long day.  Layers of emotion, activity, sound, thought, etc... 
This particular piece is for a CD of Chorale music at a University - entitled "The Long Day Closes" which is a compilation of recordings of the choir over a couple of years.  People coming and going with graduating or transferring.  Four parts are shown here, by color.  Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano - in the forefront creating the main story.  Then behind what you initially hear - there is a stream of consciousness that, or the river that runs through it; that holds things together - which could be seen as the director.  Something about the individual levels of sound, in combination with the director - we then have what surrounds us.  The excitement, the whimsy, the mellow, the gentle, the quite, the busy, the fast, the slow.  Undertones and components of what creates our day.  Our Long Day...that eventually comes to a close.  This also makes me think of the lyrics of Edelweiss from Sound of Music - "bloom and grow forever..."  That's our lives and the way we live.  I hear so much in music, that I feel LIFE in music - in every long day - forever.  Music is eternal in our reminiscent souls - as is what I expect this collection of chorale recording is to those whose blessed voices created it.  
Thank you James for the opportunity to create!  


Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Three Sisters, one pie shop, creating a place to go and walk out with a box of goodness to share.  When I think about pie, I think about the smell, the warmth, the layers of crust, the flavor, and the occasions that pie normally gets consumed in.  That's what I was capturing here.  All of these senses coming together.  And in this case, by 3 sisters, the Pie Sisters to be exact.  Knowing one of the sisters, she approached me about doing something involving their shop.  One thing most of us know is family and food.  I love the energies captured here.  Families a lot of times are this mesh of really different but similar personalities, together creating the worlds we live in.  Which can be kind of wild.  Add some pie - and things calm down a little.  Wouldn't you say?  
Bless this mess, and carry on.  

14" x 17"  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I had someone ask me to do a piece for her sister and her home - which includes her husband.  Or...for her sister and brother in law.  It may be just for her sister, but it will be for their home, which means the hubs will be in visual obligation of this Splendor.  She told me a little about who they were and gave me free reign.  Daunting to say the least.  Enthralling to a degree.  And Ultimately a blessing.  I wanted a duality to this, and to connect the two sources that filled the floors, walls and air of their occupied space.  A splendor in their home to bring light and remembrance of the finer things in life.

So.  The Splendor.  This is actually the second name I came to on this one.  Originally, it was Electric Youth.  That name stuck somewhere early in this, and didn't go away; until today.  Once I said the name out loud, explained it and had an external dialog, my youthful subconscious would not stop tapping.  Debbie Gibson, oh how I love you, but I also can't help but giggle and sense the smell of your perfume from Dillard's.  Nothing wrong in that, it was all good, I'd have the 80's happen no other way; however, this was about something else.  And today in Austin's awesome Fall, to some still summer, weather - Splendor took over my Electric Youth.  Like a splendor in the grass.  And that we have moved on from Debbie Gibson to Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty, I can continue.  sheesh.

Splendor.  Think about it.  A great impressive beauty.  Something with great brightness or luster.  What is the splendor in your life?  What are the things that make you feel the beauty and luster?  That splendor may fade.   But no matter what, that remembrance is always there. Splendor.  As I looked at this intersect of color variation here, I saw it as the splendor in the grass.  That thing that is always there, the same as the others yet different.  Just as intergral as the other stories and parts, but the thing that makes it what it is.  A LITTLE DIFFERENT than the others.

And that my friends, is worth notice.  Eternal notice.  We can't forget those things that make something just a little different that makes it exactly what it is.  We all have a splendor in our soul, mind, heart, laughter, and words.  Don't forget to use our splendors, and to see the splendor in others.  Forever and always.  For we are here to leave a mark with the things we are given.  Let's make it splendiferous!  

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Visual embers as a product of theoretical embers - embers of change.  I assume that you are assuming I was in love, it ended, it hurt, and I grew.  Well, I'm sure it was a part of it.  I love to fall in love - with anything; people, places, music, food, books, weather, get my drift.  Sometimes I get to keep loving those things, and sometimes I don't.  Circumstantially ending due to a varying list of things that just happen.  Just as that love happened.  Two things come together grow by what the other gave them, and the story goes on in so many ways.  In this page's story, the union stopped, and the embers of those moments float their little energies into the sky.  Love has no end, just a resting place.  (Go listen to White Buffalo, The Getaway if you like that last sentence).  I look at the blue lines in this and wonder what they were/are to me.  I think Highway.  I think a vein where our life flows through us.  I think the cool bits that sooth the tender fiery bits from a bit of love burn.  The rest of all that open space is the quietness.  Think what you may in the quiet.  Think nothing.  Remember.  Wish you could forget (or remember).  Cry if you must.  Laugh.  Feel your pulse raise then calm.  And with all the hope in my heart, I wish for us to appreciate our tenderness and those moments.  When my Dad saw the beginning of this (with just the 'heart' coming apart) his face changed and he gave me a hug.  I laughed and said, "Dad, I'm fine.  It's not what you think."  Or was it...?  

11" x 14"


It's just one of those moments that feels so good that you feel this bright, bursting with energy and adding a little spice to everything you pass. Squeezing a bit of that energy into everything you touch. Squeeze me so I know it's real. 

7" x 11"

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Having started this a while back, I can question the motivation behind its beginnings, however, revel in picking it up in the space that is currently occupied.  When I look at the core of this drawing, I see something I have seen in countless images of waves crashing and whirling in their intended current paths.  Internally, I feel a moment in myself where I have taken a deep breath, leaned back, and prepared myself that may which come.  A close encounter with countless things intended is so common in life.  Obviously.  
Imagine what you do when water is coming your way.  You take a deep breath, close your mouth, and prepare for...the water, the wave, the dive, the jump, the splash.  You prepare for whatever is coming at you.  I like the idea of leaving the core here open.  Which later to me represented air.  Air with in a moment of preparation, which in finding that air taken, creates a gentleness with in the journey.  Obviously it is easier to feel comfortable under water with your lungs full of air.  It is easier to lift a heavy load off the ground with lungs full of air.  It is easier to sing the high notes and long verses with lungs full of air.  You get the theme here.  
Often, when looking to take on an encounter, simple or not, taking that breath and being AWARE of that breath, simply helps those things happen with beauty, ease, and fluidity.  Take a breath and keep moving.  Take realization of the power of your own strengths in dealing with the rips and waves you encounter.  Take on the beauty of your strength with a simple breath full of YOU.  The freedom you will feel.  The beauty you will find.  Breathe on, think on, be on.  

11" x 17"  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Time Lapse fun


This past WEST Austin Studio Tour, the crew I was showing my work with thought it would be fun if I took a stab at drawing on the wall during the tour.  So I went along with it.  Rookie.  Had fun.  Watch and enjoy.  :)