Tuesday, August 1, 2017


No Chance Band - cover art.

19" x 24"



Kind of looks like lightings, and kind of looks like rain.  Kind of looks like a dried creek path and kind of looks like rushing water. It is for certain, a page of blue - so I'll just call it the Rainmaker.

5" x 7"


Thundering water, dancing water, along with the trees.  I started this thinking about how we feed each other by the things we give, or how we 'disrupt' another's path by the things we give (or don't give). Those things can feel like a thunder storm enclosing or a graceful dance ensuing.  Then you look and see the reflection of those things, realizing that you have become your surroundings.  In this umpua-ness situation, it is a beautiful and unintentional symmetry. 

5" x 7" 

Sunday, July 30, 2017


I had a season of blues, reds, and branches.  I know it was a time of me seeking out what was next.  I ran across a song "Umpqua Rushing" by Blind Pilot.  I was drawn to it from the first listen, for unknown reason initially, then I actually stop to listen into what I am drawn to.  It's always the yearn and seek sort of song that gets me, has been since I was a tot that had no reason to relate to a lost love song.  Makes me laugh in retro, and weepy in present.  However, Umpqua.   What does that word mean?  I'd never seen or heard it before.  Enter...Google.  Thunder Water...bring across water...dancing water.  I had drawn these before i looked the word up so it was a somewhat kismet moment to read what the word meant in relation to what I'd drawn from the feeling of the song. From the song, for this drawing specifically, "Your blackened branches drifting through my water...I saw my own water rushing back to me"

3" x 5" 
prints available   

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


"I want it to be blue," was the request..."and yeah, to have a tree."  I took that and ran with it.  When it has rained for days on end, and the sun starts to peek out, this is what I 'feel' when I step outside to a full earth. It has taken everything in, it's revved up, and ready to go.  It is fully rested, fed, fueled, hydrated, reservoirs are full and ready for whatever is next.  The air in the middle is the most stirred up with the most going on - where our core is, keeping us strong.  Up top it's a little more organized and steady, ready to drop into the atmosphere of life.  Once it hits the ground, it can lay back, take a new turn and sift on down for it's navigational work is done.  That's kind of the energy I get from my friend that asked me to draw this for him.  He's always ready to work.  He's always got 10 projects going on.  He's always set for the next thing.  He's building his life reservoir, staying strong and active in body and mind.  His blue metal.  

19" x 24"  

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Spirit animals - I'm kind of intrigued by how often I hear people mention them. I've had quite a few conversations with friends that have spent time paying attention to what little critters cross their paths and share moments of spiritual connection with. It's, for lack of better word, delightful! For me it's another way to look at who we are, where we are going, who we see ourselves as, make us feel connected to the Earth, and I think shows a part of our nature that gives us strength or character. I sometimes wonder if the animals sit and look at us, drawn to who we are and contemplating the similarities of souls. Think about that the next time that same squirrel, hummingbird, deer, or goat keep showing up. There is no judgement, there is simply observation with keen curiosity.

11" x 14" For sale

Thursday, November 26, 2015

What seems to be my annual poem

With the wind on my back
With the heat on my feet
I thought of today
I thought of yesterday
I thought of everyday
Where I loved and lived
Where I gave a part of me
    to that day and got a part
    of another so we could
    turn and give all of those things
    we gathered
To create another today
and everyday
of loving and living
Where every breath is fresh
And feeds our lungs and souls
With the freshness and joy
That our history provides 
To heal our hurts and confirm the comforts
That puts the wind in our sails
And the heat in our hearts TO LIVE.  

(November 26, 2015, start time 12:36, finish time, 12:41)  

It's Thanksgiving today.  It was my birthday on Tuesday.  It was a nostalgic day - which was for all I can remember, a new way to feel on a birthday.  Life uniquities.  
I can't say I was thinking exactly the above while I was running this morning - but I suppose my subconscious was because it's what came out on the paper.  
Now...back to drawing.