Wednesday, March 24, 2010


ORANGE! The color I love and wear not enough. It's almost as though I save it for a special occasion or feeling. Not sure - but point and case is I could sink into an orange world of dreams and be quite happy, sunglasses included.

KUT 90.5 Eklektikos host John Aielli has been my right hand man for music offerings the last couple of months. I am off track with my regular concert attendance, so am relying on this man to throw some new delight my way every now and again. Last week on St Patrick's Day he offered up Mumford and Sons. #10 (Awake My Soul) starts off quiet and cresendos into something quite soulful. I like the idea of giving your soul the occasional awakening because that's what we are here for - is to live, love, create, learn and share. There is a quiet side to my soul and a completely alive side - and there is beauty in them both. What is the color of your soul?

"If your everyday practice is to open to all your emotions, to all the people you meet, to all the situations you encounter, without closing down, trusting that you can do that - then that will take you as far as you can go. And then you will understand all the teaching that anyone has ever taught." - Pema Chodron

14"x17" original
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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Ian's birthday was coming up and he pretty much had everything he wanted. A Ducati included. He also loved photography. You didn't see pictures of people on Ian's walls - you saw pictures of guitar strings, rear view mirror shots, wheels, gears - the details of how those favorite things of his do what they do. I figured I would get my pen and do an interpretation of one of those things. I chose the Ducati wheel because he was getting to sell that particular bike - not because he wanted to - but out of responsible necessity.
sharpie pen

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Inspired by one who is beautiful and vibrant with a heck of an eye for fashion.

8"x 10" original

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


At first I thought I wanted to draw a wave. And that wave sat there for at least 6 months. One night I was listening to some throw back songs from high school. Along the likes of K-C and Jo Jo, Terrence Trent Darby, and then Toni Braxton came on. I had just landed on this page and in a glance, I saw words. I quickly picked up my pen and began to 'write'. I used to throw multiple letters in the mail to various friends and family on a weekly basis, but not in many years have I done that. Until I started tappin my toes to Toni and in my mind, I was sharing the beauty of a love letter to anyone who saw this. Just to give you the feeling, not to be blurred with words to translate. The empty space leaves room for translation; to write your own words. (I'd suggest zooming in to see the true detail of this one!)

11"x14" original

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I met a fellow and struck a deal - my end of the bargain was to draw a picture that I hoped he'd find worthy for his wall. I didn't know much about him but over time I learned enough about Ed to portray a part of him from my eyes. My attempt in showing him a side of himself he'd never seen before, in a sense. Ed is a lover of John Denver, nature, taking it easy, metaphors and a good ole pair boots. A thrift store cowboy.

14"x17" original

Friday, March 5, 2010


I found myself bringing in the New Year with a new friend, Marco, and his Mom. We went to a giant house party that was hopping! I was amazed at the cultural representation of people at this party. We danced all night, giving our best efforts at the salsa. Ate some paella from the most gigantic bowl of paella I could ever imagine. All in all, the best New Year's I've ever had! I started this picture one night listening to a reggae mix that I had seen marco tappin' his toes to once. I chose blue because Marco and I met up for coffee once wearing the same blue - as is in the picture. I had been asking myself why (or how) Marco and I had our friendship. Valentine's rolled around and there we were again spending another 'holiday' together. I knew why he was my friend after this holiday. He said in a conversation about relationships, "I don't think enough men treat women like they have souls." And he meant it with all his heart. I appreciate a person who can be so honest. Thank you, Marco, for the holidays.

11"x14" original


My Mom did stained glass while I was growing up and I always thought it was so beautiful. This is my simply my version, with different materials, of course. I started this after a hospital visit to a close friend and co-worker, Justin, who was in a coma. It was the first time for me to see someone in that state since losing my Mom 12 years ago. I sat in church that same morning having a conversation with Mom and Justin while looking into the stained glass all over the church. The birds represent 'us' flying around, spending time with those that we are unable to speak with.

11"x14" original


I started LISA sitting in a quiet cabin on the Frio river with nothing but a cooler of snacks, a lot of music, vino, and a new set of pens so I could do a picture with color! New for me...I had always worked with black and white. But I knew if I was going to start something for Lisa - I HAD to have blue. She was from the mountains of North Carolina and a Tar Heel fan - her collection of plastic UNC cups told me she was a fan - and when her old friend from UNC came to visit, she brought Lisa a present. More UNC plastic cups! So - blue it was. What we appreciate about each other the most are our differences and how we have learned from each other over the years. I've had the blessing of watching Lisa grow and change into the growing and changing person she is now and it's been fun! When she got engaged a while back, she said she wanted peacocks at her wedding, which was the last part of the picture that I put in. My attempt to give her some peacocks, because they didn't make the cut for the wedding.

8x10 original

Thursday, March 4, 2010


My earth's strata and what keeps the roots company.

11x14 original


She can play the bongo drums. The day before her 29th birthday she was talking about how old she was getting. HA! I drew this to illustrate how I feel about get older. Excited and full of knowledge and experience.

8"x10" original


Sitting in my favorite cozy coffee shop, I drew a circle and didn't stop for about two hours. As usual there was no plan and the simple circle grew into a full page (which took more than two hours). A metaphor of sorts to our lives and just letting go. When we do, great things can happen.

11x14 original


Yes, the beginning. I figured with a great start to the day with coffee, a good friend, and a great chat on COURAGE, this would be the fitting thing to do with my day.

This is the beginning of me being able to share with you what I love to do; to draw. With ink. I love to tell a story with the lines, colors, and shades. I've spent years drawing pictures for various friends in my life that tells their story. At least my story of who they are to me and how I see them. With in the last year I have ventured out of the friend realm into myself, music, and a whim. I hope you enjoy my stories and their lines and I look forward to the journey with a lot of ink!

I wanted to post this particular picture because it is somewhat fitting for this sunny day in Austin. 'Modern Sun' - made for a friend whose home is modern, but warm. He himself is modern (if a person can be 'modern') and warm. I think I put the tree in it because there is so much life in a tree - so many roots to so many things. Ryan seems to put his heart into everything, lets life take him where it may, and willing to share a part of himself and what he has learned along the way to those in need.

11"x14" original