Thursday, November 26, 2015

What seems to be my annual poem

With the wind on my back
With the heat on my feet
I thought of today
I thought of yesterday
I thought of everyday
Where I loved and lived
Where I gave a part of me
    to that day and got a part
    of another so we could
    turn and give all of those things
    we gathered
To create another today
and everyday
of loving and living
Where every breath is fresh
And feeds our lungs and souls
With the freshness and joy
That our history provides 
To heal our hurts and confirm the comforts
That puts the wind in our sails
And the heat in our hearts TO LIVE.  

(November 26, 2015, start time 12:36, finish time, 12:41)  

It's Thanksgiving today.  It was my birthday on Tuesday.  It was a nostalgic day - which was for all I can remember, a new way to feel on a birthday.  Life uniquities.  
I can't say I was thinking exactly the above while I was running this morning - but I suppose my subconscious was because it's what came out on the paper.  
Now...back to drawing.