Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I was passing time one day after work sitting on the porch at Zax in downtown Austin, with an empty page in front of me.  I remember what I was wearing, and strangely enough, I was wearing the same dress that I am wearing today.  It's a dress that has waves crashing all over it.  That coincidence would be like saying you know what you didn't know you knew, in that I didn't know I was drawing what I was knew I was wearing.  Follow me??  Back to the subject at hand.  EVERGREEN!!  The color and some lines were certainly inspired by a Marc Chagall stained glass I sat and stared at for a while in Zurich, Switzerland a couple of months ago.  There were sections of a certain wall where each panel window featured a color.  Green.  Blue.  Golden.  Red.  Sucked me right in and gave me a direction.  I was listening to some bumpin' and relaxing tunes by classical artist with a flare - Black Violin.  I'm set now - the music, the color, and an idea which leads way to GO time.  Someone came in and claimed this one pretty early on.  An old, dear friend of mine from childhood.  We used to walk to school together, walk to Wendy's and spend our allowance on the $0.99 menu, sing in choir together, and so on.  It's a blessing to be able to reconnect with someone from my childhood in such a way.  I can't wait to deliver this to her in The Woodlands.  As I was thinking about what to name this, I couldn't help but work my history with Ree Ann into the naming.  We grew up in Huntsville in the Avenues that are filled with huge looming trees that canopied over the blocks creating shelter and wonder for a curious kids eating their Wendy's on the curb or throwing pine cones at their siblings.  The trees were beautiful and EVERGREEN in my mind.  Much like our friendship that is evidently EVERGREEN, time and environment don't cause much change after all.  Our roots bring us back to this moment with an art exchange. Life ebs, flows, swells, with bursts of life and pockets of time that change who we are and where we go.  Collectively, a giving force to those around us.  I hope this is a giving source for Ree's home and her family.  Always there and EVERGREEN.


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