Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thank you for the music! Holiday giveaway - 2012!

Here we go again with my holiday art giveaway!!  Rules are simple - below are listed are song lyrics I've written down during the past year from whatever is playing at the time.  Words that just stuck out and they spoke to me.
Your job:  take a look at the lyrics, write down the song and/or artist the lyric is from, and send your results back to me.
My job:  check you answers, if you're the first to get your answers back to me and they are correct, I'll send you an original piece of art!
*I'm not naive, I would just like to believe
*Mind's distracted and confused, my thoughts are many miles away, they lie with you while you're asleep, kiss you when you start the day
*And I feel I'm letting go, of these sorrows I'll take leave
*When the sunsets on your memory, does the moon bring back your pain
*A radio's on, windows rolled up, and my mind's rolled down
*Hey love, I did not choose you, but you came to me anyway
*It's been a restless several years, full of ignorance and fears
*My spirit ran to greet you before my feet left the porch
*I sing these words for good luck, I sing love me foolishly, love me foolish like
*Your stare is strong and my knees are weak...Call me spent
*Everyone's at the mercy of another one's dream
*Man needs something he can hold onto, like a 9 pound hammer or a woman like you
*If you can't stand the pain, the you are sense-less
*How can I forget about your love
*It's a cosmic concerto and it fills my soul.  Life is people in the space of a face
*Wanting, just keeps me wanting
*You can give all that to Goodwill, for the Glory of true love
*Are you back in my life to stay?  Or is it just today...Be for real
*You gotta trust me when I tell ya I'm not in a hurry.  There's too many places to get lost in, too many forests
*It's hard to dane with the devil on your back.  So shake it up
*When I was still creekbed and and you were still wilderness
*Her touch was soft & delicate with a thaumaturgical touch that only a rabbi's daughter could have
*Boys will be boys, and girls will stay wise
*I still remember how it all changed, my Father said, "Don't you worry child"
*What am I gonna do when I can't smell her anymore

That's it!  Have fun friends!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


"When you say mean the color, right!?"  Was my first question when Kelley emailed asking me to do draw an agave for her and Jeff.  Her kind response was "an actual agave plant (succulent)."  A blonde moment?  Or a difference in train of thought!?  Either way, this is where that question brings us today.  Living in Austin, we see Agave plants everywhere - some huge, some small, and they seem next to impossible to kill.  My favorite use of an agave is in the Christmas season when people put ornaments on the agave leaves - Charlie Brown Joy is what I feel!  My second favorite use (or maybe my first) of the agave is that golden warming liquid it brings us called tequila!  Those were the first things I thought of with the agave.  Then I come back to Kellley and Jeff - a wonderful, creative, loving, energetic, active, giving, consistent, and hilarious couple.  Kelley does a weekly 'margarita fueled shout out' on Facebook that comprises expresses the traits previously listed.  Those 3 things fed the energy behind this drawing.  I wanted that energy, that liveliness, and warmth to jump off the page and land gently on the mind.  I hope these lines provide a lifetime of joy on the walls of Kelley of Jeff's loving home!  Thank you for asking me to be a part of your lives in this way.  Bless you!