Friday, December 20, 2013


A turn this has taken.  It started by me being inspired some purple and green foliage I saw at the end of an early morning walk.  I thought nature.  Then a few things in life walked  About half way through this, I named it "politics of love."  Feeling the push and pull of love in all walks of life - family, friends, romances.  At the end of it all - we all have to learn how to survive each other - in love.  I wrote up my 'story' on this drawing yesterday, posted it under "politics of love", then about 10 minutes later deleted it...knowing, I hadn't completed my thoughts with this piece.  I went to my bi-weekly acupuncture appt, and of came to me.  This piece was fueled by (A)MUSE.  The amusement of an inspiring person.  One of God's beautiful plants started the inspiration, then one of God's beautiful people added to and guided the inspiration.  In my mind it still plays on the politics of love, in that it changes (sometimes daily) and we have to learn how to navigate and see the beauty of the waters and land that we live in.  Consciously aware of the happenings around us, and involved in those happenings, not avoiding the unknown or undesired.  In all idealistic things, we have the fantasy version, which is wonderful.  Then there is typically the realistic version - that is often rather difficult to take in a remain inspired to participate in.  However, in LOVE, the purest form of love is found at the end of enduring.  The end of painful (but exciting) honesty and conversations and situations.  

The grass always seems greener on the other side of things (hence the green) when in the midst of an uncomfortable situation.  The straight lines here resemble the moments where we stop, catch our bearings, look around at the reality, and dive back into your love investment.  There are bright, light, and interesting times ahead.  Otherwise, the only things in life we receive are temporary.  I could have mixed up the design here, but I wanted to express a consistency that you find in the enduring.  
Enjoy the amusements that come along in life.  Let them inspire you and inspire your life in the most positive of ways.  

11" x 17"