Thursday, November 21, 2013


Soulfinds - I'm pretty sure I made that word up.  Really all I wanted to do was to create some continuity between one's soul and its spiritual path of finding its home.  I started this drawing far from home in Switzerland by myself with an incredible view of some of God's beautiful globe.  I didn't think anything of it, stuffed it in my suitcase when it was time to move on, only months later to find it while preparing for another trip.  I set it on my art table next to a Chagall post card I bought in Zurich.  The two images (my drawing and the post card) that at one time were strangers became instantly connected and I knew what I wanted to do with the jewel and my pens.  I have spent most Tuesdays of the last two years with a fantastic group of ladies form all walks, doing our best to study the Bible and just see what it all means to us.  It's been an amazing time of redefining and getting to better understand my spirit(uality).  Taking what was taken for granted with it right at my finger tips my entire childhood thru college, I discovered there was a lot I didn't know and understand when it came to me 'managing my spirit' on my own.  Knowledge is a powerful thing, which is what I think I was expressing in this.  Being grounded.  Having faith.  There is power and fluidity that is calming, engaging, and alive when one seeks knowledge.  I appreciate the voice of God in my heart and what it says to me and allows into my life.  

8" x 10" 

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