Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The over year long effort here has ended.  I have woken up from my Noritake Dream...trying to remember all that happened with in its time.  I started this after a dream I had soon after my Aunt Mary passed away.  She was my Dad's oldest sister (image below, she is the red head on the left of the family pic) and was one of two sisters that virtually raised my Dad.  A sweetheart of a lady, with great taste in home decor and china (dishes), amongst many other wonderful traits she possessed.  Before she passed, she left to me a set of her china and some home decor - all with a Japanese art influence.  The China is "Legacy by Noritake," so after this dream, I got out a small saucer plate and a tea cup...and there you have it.  The four circles you see here.  I segmented these I think to represent phases in life.  Having spent over a year on this piece, I figure there are a couple versions of myself coming out here - but with my Aunt Mary having a consistent presence.    I drew the river to feed the dreams.  I drew the rain to feed the river.  I drew the trees to express a childhood love for a scene from my favorite childhood movie, Anne of Green Gables, where Anne was riding in a carriage with Matthew thru a field of Cherry Blossoms.  And those trees were fed by the river and the rain.  That was my outward intent.  My inward intent?  Who knows.  A friend 'analyzed' this the other night.  It was an amazing moment to hear his interpretation of it.  He saw a push and pull of two people trying to be together but remaining apart, separated by the obvious (river).  With the energies of both people pushing and pulling the other along during their days together.  Still separated by this body of water and empty on the inside.  I have a feeling that comes from where he is in life.  What do I think?  I think I left the 'dreams' empty because they are open for interpretation, so I wanted to leave that space for just that.  The red tones here are an energy that feeds.  Stronger some days than others and always supporting the bloom of each dream.  That is the interpretation today.  I should check back in with myself next year and see what I think!  ha!  What do YOU think or see here?

19" x 24"

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