Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Having started this a while back, I can question the motivation behind its beginnings, however, revel in picking it up in the space that is currently occupied.  When I look at the core of this drawing, I see something I have seen in countless images of waves crashing and whirling in their intended current paths.  Internally, I feel a moment in myself where I have taken a deep breath, leaned back, and prepared myself that may which come.  A close encounter with countless things intended is so common in life.  Obviously.  
Imagine what you do when water is coming your way.  You take a deep breath, close your mouth, and prepare for...the water, the wave, the dive, the jump, the splash.  You prepare for whatever is coming at you.  I like the idea of leaving the core here open.  Which later to me represented air.  Air with in a moment of preparation, which in finding that air taken, creates a gentleness with in the journey.  Obviously it is easier to feel comfortable under water with your lungs full of air.  It is easier to lift a heavy load off the ground with lungs full of air.  It is easier to sing the high notes and long verses with lungs full of air.  You get the theme here.  
Often, when looking to take on an encounter, simple or not, taking that breath and being AWARE of that breath, simply helps those things happen with beauty, ease, and fluidity.  Take a breath and keep moving.  Take realization of the power of your own strengths in dealing with the rips and waves you encounter.  Take on the beauty of your strength with a simple breath full of YOU.  The freedom you will feel.  The beauty you will find.  Breathe on, think on, be on.  

11" x 17"