Monday, February 18, 2013


11" x 7"  
I had a long wait in Munich for my train to Prague, about 3 hours.  It was cold.  Heat I found stairs and went up!  Fortunately, there was a coffee bar with an empty corner, in which I happily situated myself for a few hours.  Book in one hand, art in the other.  Whichever drew me in the most was what I did.  Drawing took precedence.  Before I began this piece, I was looking at the blank page, then around the room, then back at the blank page; listening to the sounds around me and then my eyes landed on a tree/bush/plant about two feet in front me of.  I normally just do roots and branches, but this time the whole tree spoke. Three trees?  I'm not sure.  But I know in certain 'life things' three is a comforting number.  Beginning, Middle, End.  Father, Son, Holy Ghost.  1, 2, 3 (GO).  Black, white, grey (referring the way we see things in life).  Ready, Aim, Fire.  Shiver me Timbers.  My oh my!  Mano y mano.  You get me.  Could mean something, may not.  Time will tell.  I think about what I was thinking/feeling when I was drawing this.  I was a week into not being around my native language.  Brain hurts!  I hadn't used my words much (aside from work talk, which isn't really creative, it's merely productive).  I prefer creative words.  All this meant there was a not a lot going through my brain.  Just waiting on a train.  I drew the trees, read some of my book; back and forth for a while.  I got the trees down and it was time to go.  Have you ever been to a REAL train station (FYI - I'm from Texas, we don't have real mass transit anything aside from airports and huge car dealerships)?  Anyhow - the stations amaze me, and as much as I hate to say it, it makes me feel like I've traveled back in time.  YES - I know that is backwards to say.  But again, I am from Texas.  (It's like everyone not from Texas thinks I own a horse and wear boots 364 days of the year).  I drew these lines in once I landed in Prague and cozily situated myself into a nice little place from some afternoon soup and beer and break from the 20 degree weather.  I noticed a lot of wires when I first left the train station.  Where do they all go!?  No guess in my mind, that the lines in this came from just my view along the way on the train.  I know I drew the leaves falling off, because that's just what happens.  Weather you like fall time when the leaves fall or not, it's inevitable.  Things change and happen.  It may mean you have to rake the lawn, clean the leaves off your driveway, clean the leaves out of the hood vent of your car.  Or it may excite you because you love the sound of leaves under your feet, the lovely colors that burst into our site.  Or it may mean to you that the old is passing and the opportunity for something new is just around the corner.  Either way, it represents something we all see and then we have a choice in how to look at that.  The leaves were certainly a piece of my heart added here.  Lots of thought behind a fairly simple piece.  But I think my eyes have tricked my soul and there is a little more to it.

SOLD (Original)
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 Lines leaving Munich