Saturday, July 27, 2013


Leaving a little space for a big breeze.  Perhaps summer prompted me to leave a this space here.  Or perhaps it was the need for some air; to let the wind in to power a new possibility.  We are always in a space to grow, to learn, and to feel a little breeze.  Who likes to be all cooped up feeling no breeze - no nothing for that matter.  As much as I may have felt like I needed to fill the space, I decided it time to leave a little breezeway beautifully open and crisp.  The word breezeway makes me think of 1.) Rocking chairs and 2.) Old plantation homes that often had open walk ways left open in the middle of the home - for a purpose, not a pleasure.  For safety and function in order to help the home survive a crisis.  Yes - I just worded the purpose of architecture in a rather silly manner - but I'm really just trying to add a humanistic feature in order to better imagine something here.  So, YES - the obvious option is  southern home architecture.  Hey - I grew up two blocks from Sam Houston's home with this breezeway I speak of.
Back to the matter at hand.  Breeze.  Strong spine, gentle soul, taking in a little breeze time.  Allow yourself some space in your mind to be quiet, to observe and soak in, some things that are lingering in those empty spaces left neglected by the busy-ness we can often put upon ourselves.
Enjoy the moment(s)(s)(s)(s)(s).

11"x7"  Original

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