Monday, October 7, 2013


I had a couple (who happen to be near and dear friends Lisa and Jeremy) ask me to do this heart /tree combo.  Trees are one of my favorite things to draw, so I jumped at the chance.  This couple is full of energy and passion and they share those things with a large community around them.  This, as you imagine, takes heart. A heart that powers the way we grow, the way we shine, survive, learn, bloom, breath, and give to others.  It can create a pretty powerful life, that is strong and will stand the test of elements.  

It reminds me of the Yggdrisil (look it up) which has a great Viking legend behind tree (the species is debated on) but to sum it up - this tree is pertinent to our existence.  The Heavens above, mankind in the middle, and the earth below us.  It also reminds me of Gov't Mules song, Soulshine - which is where I got the name.  It serendipitously came on my shuffle of music the day I finished this.  

(prints available)  

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