Monday, March 4, 2013


Day by day.  The H E A R T swells with joy, or it can swell with ache.  You never know.  I tell you, give this girl a little heart ache and I'll get productive with this part of my world.  Each drawing comes from something inside of me, based off an experience and/or feeling. The past few weeks have an interesting ride, getting to discover and face some fears I had not had to before.  Trying to be strong when it hurts, but also letting the tears go.  Being ok with the idea of pain.  Or really, the feeling of pain/fear and believing I'll be ok.  My Dad had an out of the blue health hiccup that frightened me (and him) to the core.  The incident was minor, but the implications felt major!  Like I said, hearts swell with joys and aches.  All will be fine in Father land and like he said, he's not knockin' off yet.  :) 

I really just started drawing some lines here, listening to my REPEAT playlist.  I got about three lines into filling the blue in, and it hit me what I wanted this to be.  I didn't have a plan for this when I started it.  Felt more like just some line drawing.  I got about three sections of blue done, and I knew what I was working on and where this was going.  A few sections of blue later, I saw a feather, which to me was not there before.  Feather, tiny weightless little things, but they help one to fly.  Fragile and strong, hence the name.  Blue?  Lots of reasons for blue - which have nothing with blue being related to sadness.  This has nothing to do with sadness.  It comes from the blue in my world that built the ideas behind this.  I could feel the experiences of the past few weeks coming out in the bends and color. A fun moment.  These straight lines are coming into play a lot in my thoughts lately.  Not sure exactly why yet...but I'll roll with it.  Here, I for a moment, saw the body of a string instrument.  A song can strike a lot of chords in your mind and make you feel a lot of things.  It was just something I saw to help create the body for this feather maintain it's strength.   

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7" X 11"   
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