Friday, March 5, 2010


I found myself bringing in the New Year with a new friend, Marco, and his Mom. We went to a giant house party that was hopping! I was amazed at the cultural representation of people at this party. We danced all night, giving our best efforts at the salsa. Ate some paella from the most gigantic bowl of paella I could ever imagine. All in all, the best New Year's I've ever had! I started this picture one night listening to a reggae mix that I had seen marco tappin' his toes to once. I chose blue because Marco and I met up for coffee once wearing the same blue - as is in the picture. I had been asking myself why (or how) Marco and I had our friendship. Valentine's rolled around and there we were again spending another 'holiday' together. I knew why he was my friend after this holiday. He said in a conversation about relationships, "I don't think enough men treat women like they have souls." And he meant it with all his heart. I appreciate a person who can be so honest. Thank you, Marco, for the holidays.

11"x14" original


  1. I love worldly holidays!!!!

    good work all your drawings are great

  2. Hey Erin hows it going this is marco, remember me? Anyway i was just visiting your website. I tell people about your talent but I myself had forgotten what your website was and how good u really are! your drawings are amazing! hows life? Im living in california now, its been a journey all before getting here, in a good way! anyway call me or email or text me 619-382-7958 or

    1. I love seeing you pop up here Marco! Great to hear from you, wish you the best, and look forward to catching up with you soon! xo E