Friday, March 5, 2010


I started LISA sitting in a quiet cabin on the Frio river with nothing but a cooler of snacks, a lot of music, vino, and a new set of pens so I could do a picture with color! New for me...I had always worked with black and white. But I knew if I was going to start something for Lisa - I HAD to have blue. She was from the mountains of North Carolina and a Tar Heel fan - her collection of plastic UNC cups told me she was a fan - and when her old friend from UNC came to visit, she brought Lisa a present. More UNC plastic cups! So - blue it was. What we appreciate about each other the most are our differences and how we have learned from each other over the years. I've had the blessing of watching Lisa grow and change into the growing and changing person she is now and it's been fun! When she got engaged a while back, she said she wanted peacocks at her wedding, which was the last part of the picture that I put in. My attempt to give her some peacocks, because they didn't make the cut for the wedding.

8x10 original

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  1. THANK YOU! I love it - I wish I had this caption to hang below the original in the house!