Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yes, the beginning. I figured with a great start to the day with coffee, a good friend, and a great chat on COURAGE, this would be the fitting thing to do with my day.

This is the beginning of me being able to share with you what I love to do; to draw. With ink. I love to tell a story with the lines, colors, and shades. I've spent years drawing pictures for various friends in my life that tells their story. At least my story of who they are to me and how I see them. With in the last year I have ventured out of the friend realm into myself, music, and a whim. I hope you enjoy my stories and their lines and I look forward to the journey with a lot of ink!

I wanted to post this particular picture because it is somewhat fitting for this sunny day in Austin. 'Modern Sun' - made for a friend whose home is modern, but warm. He himself is modern (if a person can be 'modern') and warm. I think I put the tree in it because there is so much life in a tree - so many roots to so many things. Ryan seems to put his heart into everything, lets life take him where it may, and willing to share a part of himself and what he has learned along the way to those in need.

11"x14" original


  1. welcome to the dark side :) - looks like a great start!

  2. I really like this one...I'm a sucker for trees.

  3. Hey Erin I love your work!!!

    Thank you