Wednesday, March 10, 2010


At first I thought I wanted to draw a wave. And that wave sat there for at least 6 months. One night I was listening to some throw back songs from high school. Along the likes of K-C and Jo Jo, Terrence Trent Darby, and then Toni Braxton came on. I had just landed on this page and in a glance, I saw words. I quickly picked up my pen and began to 'write'. I used to throw multiple letters in the mail to various friends and family on a weekly basis, but not in many years have I done that. Until I started tappin my toes to Toni and in my mind, I was sharing the beauty of a love letter to anyone who saw this. Just to give you the feeling, not to be blurred with words to translate. The empty space leaves room for translation; to write your own words. (I'd suggest zooming in to see the true detail of this one!)

11"x14" original


  1. Love is like several waves at sea tossing one around for months and sometimes years. One can only cling to what little protection they have which in most cases ends up being a dinghy with no shore line in sight. So vulnerable out there. Romantic Love leaves us in a state of complete bewilderment, so, love letters have defenses. Love is in an embrace, a kiss, a single conversation where the eyes say what means the most. Check out Anita Baker. I love your work and you have wonderful feet!!

  2. I like what you have to say, in regard to love. True True! I've seen Anita's work - I like her work. Thanks for the suggestion! Thank you for stopping by, and leaving your observation. My feet thank you, too!

    1. Well, I meant Anita Baker the singer, but the other Anita does nice flowers.:-)