Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Three Sisters, one pie shop, creating a place to go and walk out with a box of goodness to share.  When I think about pie, I think about the smell, the warmth, the layers of crust, the flavor, and the occasions that pie normally gets consumed in.  That's what I was capturing here.  All of these senses coming together.  And in this case, by 3 sisters, the Pie Sisters to be exact.  Knowing one of the sisters, she approached me about doing something involving their shop.  One thing most of us know is family and food.  I love the energies captured here.  Families a lot of times are this mesh of really different but similar personalities, together creating the worlds we live in.  Which can be kind of wild.  Add some pie - and things calm down a little.  Wouldn't you say?  
Bless this mess, and carry on.  

14" x 17"  

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