Monday, June 15, 2015


What happens in a long day?  Probably a little different answer there considering the audience variation.  But - I would imagine that there are many layers to a long day.  Layers of emotion, activity, sound, thought, etc... 
This particular piece is for a CD of Chorale music at a University - entitled "The Long Day Closes" which is a compilation of recordings of the choir over a couple of years.  People coming and going with graduating or transferring.  Four parts are shown here, by color.  Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano - in the forefront creating the main story.  Then behind what you initially hear - there is a stream of consciousness that, or the river that runs through it; that holds things together - which could be seen as the director.  Something about the individual levels of sound, in combination with the director - we then have what surrounds us.  The excitement, the whimsy, the mellow, the gentle, the quite, the busy, the fast, the slow.  Undertones and components of what creates our day.  Our Long Day...that eventually comes to a close.  This also makes me think of the lyrics of Edelweiss from Sound of Music - "bloom and grow forever..."  That's our lives and the way we live.  I hear so much in music, that I feel LIFE in music - in every long day - forever.  Music is eternal in our reminiscent souls - as is what I expect this collection of chorale recording is to those whose blessed voices created it.  
Thank you James for the opportunity to create!  


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