Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I had someone ask me to do a piece for her sister and her home - which includes her husband.  Or...for her sister and brother in law.  It may be just for her sister, but it will be for their home, which means the hubs will be in visual obligation of this Splendor.  She told me a little about who they were and gave me free reign.  Daunting to say the least.  Enthralling to a degree.  And Ultimately a blessing.  I wanted a duality to this, and to connect the two sources that filled the floors, walls and air of their occupied space.  A splendor in their home to bring light and remembrance of the finer things in life.

So.  The Splendor.  This is actually the second name I came to on this one.  Originally, it was Electric Youth.  That name stuck somewhere early in this, and didn't go away; until today.  Once I said the name out loud, explained it and had an external dialog, my youthful subconscious would not stop tapping.  Debbie Gibson, oh how I love you, but I also can't help but giggle and sense the smell of your perfume from Dillard's.  Nothing wrong in that, it was all good, I'd have the 80's happen no other way; however, this was about something else.  And today in Austin's awesome Fall, to some still summer, weather - Splendor took over my Electric Youth.  Like a splendor in the grass.  And good..now that we have moved on from Debbie Gibson to Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty, I can continue.  sheesh.

Splendor.  Think about it.  A great impressive beauty.  Something with great brightness or luster.  What is the splendor in your life?  What are the things that make you feel the beauty and luster?  That splendor may fade.   But no matter what, that remembrance is always there. Splendor.  As I looked at this intersect of color variation here, I saw it as the splendor in the grass.  That thing that is always there, the same as the others yet different.  Just as intergral as the other stories and parts, but the thing that makes it what it is.  A LITTLE DIFFERENT than the others.

And that my friends, is worth notice.  Eternal notice.  We can't forget those things that make something just a little different that makes it exactly what it is.  We all have a splendor in our soul, mind, heart, laughter, and words.  Don't forget to use our splendors, and to see the splendor in others.  Forever and always.  For we are here to leave a mark with the things we are given.  Let's make it splendiferous!  

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