Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I'd like you to meet Wanda (my Mom, on right) and Glenda (her bestie and college roomate). Or as I have decided to call them - the Da's. This picture is from what I believe to be their Freshman year in Gardner dorm at Abilene Christian University. Below their picture, is my picture, of what I saw inside of that relationship. Megan, Glenda's youngest daughter asked me to do something for Glenda. I hope you love it Glenda, as much as I love you!

My family spent many a holiday break stuffed in a car driving from Texas to either Cali or DC to spend with Glenda and her family. And we always had so much fun! Three daughters of her own, myself and three brothers got along like peaches and cream. As did Glenda and Wanda but their get-a-long came with something extra, like champagne poured on the peaches and cream. Just perfect. I loved their friendship. I even call my best friend my college "My Glenda!"

The drawing? Where did it come from? Well...I had their picture, and I wanted to take that moment and then incorporate their life beyond that moment in Gardner dorm. The 'curtains' in the back of the drawing are being raised, slightly to resemble the curtain to a theater stage. The stage of their life. With in their selves, are pockets of energy, love, laughter, pain, and loss. But those experiences did not make them bend. Their frame remained the same and the growth of who they were continued. Those experiences stayed contained, controlled by the cool calm of each Da. I think the most admired trait of my Mom was her strength. And I see Glenda in the same light. Always smiling. Always forging on in life. As I have mentioned before, my Mom had a creative stint with stained glass. I think she completed 2 pieces. One is at my home with my Dad and the other is with Glenda. I wanted to incorporate that gift into the drawing. I also wanted the bottom half to represent the life and energy they created with their families. I remember when Megan was about 1 year old. We were with them at Christmas time in Nevada. Billy Joel was playing - "We Didn't Start the Fire." I think Megan was getting passed around to everyone dancing in the room to Billy Joel. And one of my brothers eating a Fire Ball Jawbreaker decided to share with Megan. She hated and loved it. And we all got a good laugh! I think those lines are who we all are mixed together in life, and that night was a memory not to forget.

Thank you Glenda, for sharing your life with Wanda. For being strong. For helping to continue the life of Wanda in my life, with our friendship! I look forward to all the years to come and everything else that is to come!


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  1. Erin,

    What a beautiful reflection on their lives and love. The piece is wonderful and you did a fantastic job interpreting that ACU dorm picture and turning it into an a amazing piece of art. This is the first time i've seen that picture and I love it. It's like a window into their lives at that time. Great job, Erin.

    Love, Megan