Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday WINNER!

I recently put out a 'contest' of sorts. The challenge was to name each song from the "barely awake but burning with life" post. apparently this was a difficult challenge!?? I'm only kidding..I know it was difficult, and was completely open to the use of google to help one along in the challenge. I may find you an odd being if you could name each song with out having to use google as a resource! That being said - I have a winner. Dr Phil Collins - a dear friend and a master in music and supporter/lover of the arts! I think this was fun and look forward to more opportunities to help spread the love and collection of arts.
I was fortunate enough to meet Phil a little over a year ago at a studio show that I had to honor of teaming with Rita Marie Ross and Daryl Colburn. Daryl recently passed away, and I speak for Phil and myself in saying we miss him dearly! What a kindred spirit (yes, that is a term I cherish from "Anne of Green Gables") he was and what a contribution he was to so many and their lives full of worth and purity in thought.
I am honored to have such friend in my life! I appreciate their contribution to this world and their support of beauty in the world of art. I look forward to this world of ours growing! Thank you for being a part of it! Stay tuned for more contributions!
xoxo ERIN

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