Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This was created for a friend who was recently beginning a new chapter in his life.  Perhaps seen to some as a challenge, but to him it seemed more of an opportunity.  This drawing represents himself and his two children.  I thought about making the trees the same size, but then I thought about that no matter the age, success, wisdom, or greatness your child achieves, you still want to provide them shelter.  A little shade on a sunny day, have you.  The white tips of the tree represents new growth - present and future.  The background is all ENERGY bouncing in the wind (golden wind) which to me reflects his positive and light take on his new lot in life.  The color of the energy are from Wade and his two children (navy), and the external energy source (purple - light and dark) - all coming together to keep it all going, so to speak.  


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