Thursday, September 1, 2011

The my head and in my home.

"Crank it blanket"

"Creation Station"

I've had many of you ask where my studio is, where it is I work. Well - ta dah. I was cleaning up my work area tonight after finishing up a piece. As I cleaned up the eraser dust, the pens, the ink, the brushes I saw in it's entirety - my art wobee (for lack of better description). I bought a large piece of thick paper years ago with the intention of one day drawing on it, then it accidentally got drawn on and immediately became the buffer between my work and my beloved table. When I first started this drawing adventure of mine, I sat where you sit in a house - the table. This table has a history. Me and my entire family spent many meals around this table, said a million prayers, cried a few tears, laughed a lot of laughs, fed a lot of scraps to our beloved dog Pepper, ate my Mom's homemade birthday cakes, did homework, paid bills, and the list goes on. It's beautiful wood has dings, creaks, and stains to show for it all. So back to the art wobee - due to the many dings and the normal nature of wood - it's not the smoothest of surfaces so my wobee helps to smooth it all out. Through the years, I have jotted down phrases of certain songs, since I'm always listening to music while drawing. Being somewhat sentimental, I collected all the phrases. I find them interesting and just wanted to share - because these words that at one point in time, stuck out in my mind, steered the lines on the page. Created the emotion behind the lines. And here they are. Are you ready? post.

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