Thursday, September 1, 2011

Barely awake, but burning with life

Here they are, those pieces of songs that for some reason stuck out and my hand wrote them down that fill my 'art wobee' my 'crank it blanket.' (And yes those terms are silly - I thought them up on the LONG drive home yesterday in traffic trying to keep my head light in the heat and congestion!)

*Cut a 6" valley through the middle of my soul*Time reaches to you, just like a willow*Anywhere I lay my head is home*I'd buy you a smile but would you wear it*I put some whiskey in my whiskey. I put some heartache in my heart*Your lips were where the first thought began*There's a lot of space in my heart*Jesus & Mary can you carry us, across this ocean, into the arms of forgiveness*Can I lay down my foolish pride and find my heart a home*Need grace to find what can't be found*How many nights can a soul so full of life remain untouched*Dreams are just prayers...with out the put on airs*Their hearts & their bones and they won't come undone*Second thoughts on why we let love slip away*Pulse racing like thunder as we surrender to it all*God only knows why its taken so long to let my doubts go*This tired mind just wants to be led home*Chances are I took the wrong turn every chance I had a turn to take*IT'S MY FAVORITE TIME OF DAY, BARELY AWAKE, BUT BURNING WITH LIFE*He wore his passion for a woman like a thorny crown*I hope that I find what I'm reaching for...the way it is in my mind*I wan't wrong to long for his beauty*Give me these moments*I think I might have inhaled you*Searching for an encounter*Hidings such a lonely thing to do*Gold is another work for culture*Filling the darkness, with order and light, you are the sentinels. Silent and sure, keeping watch in the night*Old habits die hard when you have a sentimental heart*70 years old and still just a crazy kid with a dream*In our soul, you poked a million holes, but you never let them show*Darkness upon me that's flooded with light. I'm frightened by those who don't see it*I wanted love, but not for myself, but for the girl so she could love herself*Nothing so peaceful as when I met you*Busy counting bullet holes in state line signs, I led a life of lonely drifting trying to rise above the buzzards in my mind*Trying to find the bones of this mascarade* The space you share with the roommate in your head*And now the heart is filled with gold, as if it were a purse*BE THE BOREDOM OR THE BLISS...BE A MAN ABOUT THIS*Lend me you hand and we'll conquer them all, but lend my your heart and I'll just let you fall, lend me your eyes and I'll change what you see BUT YOUR SOUL YOU MUST KEEP TOTALLY FREE*I miss your face like hell*Take these demons from my head, I can't get caught in thought again*You've got your book on Africa, I've got Twain.

That's a wrap folks. As I looked at these words collectively, I think my attraction to them is the way these song writers pieced them together - and to me - happy-empty-painful-sad-joyful, whatever the expression - I got it. I felt it. Job well done song writers! And thank you for sharing those moments with all of us.

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