Sunday, August 21, 2011

Love where this is going...

I sat down Friday night with a refreshed playlist powered by Lissie ("Everywhere I Go" - video below, is a killer version in which Ellie Goulding joins her) I wasn't sure what I was wanting to draw - but I haven't sat down at the drawing board in a while. I am about three months into my new job - after leaving my job of 7 years. It was a difficult change to make, but a necessary one, and as it turns out - the right change. Whew! So I get home from work on Friday night and look at the blank space in front of me - Lissie in the back ground and I dove into the lines. The color - pre-determined purples and red. I loved how the color combo turned out in RED OAK so I wanted to play with them some more. I think I like!


  1. Ooooo.... I am loving this one Erin. My power colors!

  2. I agree Crystal! Glad you like it! Stay tuned for completed version!