Sunday, July 30, 2017


I had a season of blues, reds, and branches.  I know it was a time of me seeking out what was next.  I ran across a song "Umpqua Rushing" by Blind Pilot.  I was drawn to it from the first listen, for unknown reason initially, then I actually stop to listen into what I am drawn to.  It's always the yearn and seek sort of song that gets me, has been since I was a tot that had no reason to relate to a lost love song.  Makes me laugh in retro, and weepy in present.  However, Umpqua.   What does that word mean?  I'd never seen or heard it before.  Enter...Google.  Thunder Water...bring across water...dancing water.  I had drawn these before i looked the word up so it was a somewhat kismet moment to read what the word meant in relation to what I'd drawn from the feeling of the song. From the song, for this drawing specifically, "Your blackened branches drifting through my water...I saw my own water rushing back to me"

3" x 5" 
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