Friday, September 18, 2015


It's like there is this totalitarian reign on the sun making minds transition into thankfulness, awe, quietness, etcetera; each and every day.  When does a sunset ever not bring a good thought into your mind?  Even if it is on a bad day, or a day you don't want to see end, I have yet to think of one that made me quickly close the window, turn my head, shut my eyes, or wish it was something I had never seen.

I put together some of the things that when I drive, often have me pull over on the side of the road to either snap a picture, or just sit and look at.  Trees, mountains, and sunsets.  I know that list is longer, but I settled on those three things for this drawing.  I wanted a contrast of warmth and stillness.  The tree with no leaves, that still stands....says something.  The sunset is an imaginary one made up of a rainbow of color, and I see the reflection off of the mountain being the summary of it all.  The glow at the end of the day that warms everything around, inside out.  

I have always wanted to get a sunset drawn out - so I'm glad to have done this.  

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