Sunday, April 20, 2014

Art. Spring. Busy.

It feels as though the holidays just ended - but wait, it is the middle of April.  I'm in Texas, still wearing a jacket on some mornings.  I've enjoyed the long winter, the actual Spring, and just about everything else going on.  The busy season is on, with a show a month in the next three months.  I've got lots to create and looking forward to each line.   Music and poetry are the inspiring these days.  I can't seem to get enough ee cummings in, for I love the lack of conformity structure in his phrases.  Seems to be helpful in my ink-full linear whims.

Last week I had a great time showing my work with 5 other local artists, with great talent.  I met some wonderful people and sold one of my older pieces, MODERN SUN.  Selling something is always sort of strange, to some degree.  It's letting go of whatever it was that inspired the piece, and sending it off to another home in hopes that it will be cared for as you cared for it.  Funny; perhaps.  It was great meeting all of the people that attended and the conversations had.  Liana Mauro hosted the event, a painter herself with great work and a similar process we share, enjoying writing out where each piece came from.  Image of Liana's work below.  

I'm off this coming weekend for a show in my hometown, back in Austin for WEST Studio tour second and third weekends in May, then a show in Midland - date to be determined.

Here's to burning the midnight oil (more like ten o'clock oil if I know myself).  And a little song because I'm jonesing for a two step night. Robert Ellis - Photographs

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