Saturday, December 1, 2012


"When you say mean the color, right!?"  Was my first question when Kelley emailed asking me to do draw an agave for her and Jeff.  Her kind response was "an actual agave plant (succulent)."  A blonde moment?  Or a difference in train of thought!?  Either way, this is where that question brings us today.  Living in Austin, we see Agave plants everywhere - some huge, some small, and they seem next to impossible to kill.  My favorite use of an agave is in the Christmas season when people put ornaments on the agave leaves - Charlie Brown Joy is what I feel!  My second favorite use (or maybe my first) of the agave is that golden warming liquid it brings us called tequila!  Those were the first things I thought of with the agave.  Then I come back to Kellley and Jeff - a wonderful, creative, loving, energetic, active, giving, consistent, and hilarious couple.  Kelley does a weekly 'margarita fueled shout out' on Facebook that comprises expresses the traits previously listed.  Those 3 things fed the energy behind this drawing.  I wanted that energy, that liveliness, and warmth to jump off the page and land gently on the mind.  I hope these lines provide a lifetime of joy on the walls of Kelley of Jeff's loving home!  Thank you for asking me to be a part of your lives in this way.  Bless you!  


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