Friday, July 16, 2010


First, I feel comforted by these colors, and I think that when I started this piece, I was looking for an escape from high energy. So much of my drawings are based on experience, feelings, emotions - and I think I was ready for a gear shift. This involved, at first, dots - just tapping my energy away with some easy on the eye (mind) colors! Then I got bored with the dots, gave my 'easy Sunday drive' passenger a slightly playful look with my hand hovering over the gear shift and punched the clutch and slid right into a new gear. I do not draw and drive, nor do I have a passenger in my brain, but I felt that this was the best way to explain the variation here. And much like people, sometimes, it takes a while to get to who a person really is. If you are patient, you may get to see something completely different and enjoyable and your view changes on that person. The gift of that allowance to each of us would be a glorious thing, more practiced, you think?

11"x14" Bristol acid free Recycled paper

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  1. I find this drawing comforting too :) Your work is so beautiful, Erin!